Mukluks, moccasins, slippers, & fur boots.

Mukluks, moccasins, slippers, fur hats & boots, made in Canada are sure to please everyone this Christmas.

Are you shopping for the perfect gift? Each year thousands of Christmas shoppers as yourself are searching for the perfect gift. This season why not compliment that perfect gift with a pair moccasins, mukluks, slippers or even a fur hat to keep warm at the cabin. We carry a large selection of leather moccasins, mukluks, fur hats, fur gloves, fur hats and sheepskin accents that will please everyone. Featured below in the photo from left to right. Raven I Cub mid calf mukluks boot, Bowron Sheepskin rug in Ivory.  Mens muskrat fur hat, men’s amik brown snow shoe boots, womens black fox fur hat, womens Shapata mukluks (Raccoon fur). Womens cork wild moose hide concho moccasins boot, mens black suede rabbit fur moccasins, womens Norquay Mukluks (Blue Fox Fur). Finally at the far right womens Raven I Cub mid calf mukluks. With the exception of the sheepskin rug, the mukluks, moccasins, slippers, concho moccasin boots, fur hats and snows shoe boots are all made in Canada. They are made with fine genuine Canadian soft leather and suede. Only high grade fur is used on the fur hats, mukluks, and moccasins. Hand sewn glass beads are used on the fur boots and moccasins to keep with traditional native design. All prices are listed in Canadian. We ship worldwide. Be sure to purchase your next pair of mukluks and moccasins from Sheepskinandthings today! 

Some of our Tecumseh Canada Moccasins
Just a little taste of Tecumseh Canada Moccasins, mukluks, fur hats and more



Tecumseh Canada Papoose Moccasins
Canadian made dark tan papoose moccasins Canada
Canadian made moccasins Papoose Moccasins
Canadian made black moccasins Papoose Moccasins
Tecumseh Concho moccasin boots
Canadian made cork concho moose hide moccasin boots Canada
Canadian made black concho leather moccasin boots
Canadian made black concho leather moccasin boots Canada
Canadian made black suede mukluks boots Canada
Canadian made black suede mukluks boots Canada.
Canadian made white leather mukluks  Canada
Canadian made white leather mukluks Canada.


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