Women's 489 Hummingbird Spirit Moccasins

Five new design available for Spirit Moccasins!

Five new Life Crest Designs available for Spirit Moccasins!
Enjoy five new Life Crest Designs by Bill Helin .

The new Spirit Moccasins designs will be added over the next couple of months.

Women's 489 Hummingbird Spirit Moccasins

Spirit Moccasins represent the Northwest Coast culture, the customs, beliefs, and the history that was passed down orally through the stories, songs, and dances. The Northwest Coast culture had stories about why certain things occurred, such as the changes in season. They also had stories about each group and how they first appeared in this world. All of these stories were passed down to subsequent generations. They believed that they were surrounded, at all times, by supernatural beings interfering with the natural world. In their culture, spirits were connected to all living things. The only link between the spirit world and the natural world was the ‘Shamans’ or ‘Medicine Men’.





Sun Spirit Moccasins Bald Eagle Spirit Moccasins Turtle Spirit Moccasins Salmon Spirit Moccasins Spirit Bear Spirit Moccasins








Spirit Moccasins are Aboriginal designed, Aboriginal made and an Aboriginal product of Canada. We know you will be very satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship that is put into your Spirit Moccasins. Spirit moccasins only uses select natural Canadian hides, furs, and combines them with knowledge passed down from generation to generation to create a timeless authentic pair of moccasins you will cherish.

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