Rabbit fur Moccasins

This is the season where our rabbit fur moccasins and fur mukluks fly out the window, like Santa’s reindeer on Christmas eve! santa_sail-wideDid you know that Sheepskin and Things only sells Canadian made fur moccasins and mukluks?

Did you know that Sheepskin and Things is the only retailer to carry only Canadian made  moccasins?

Did you know that Sheepskin and Things was one of the pioneers of online sales of moccasins and mukluks introducing the world to the finest Authentic Canadian made moccasins and mukluks?

Well you do now!

We take great pride in providing the online community with world class Canadian made mukluks and moccasins. We feel it is important that you receive the best in quality and craftsmanship in all the products we sell and not only for the reason they are made in Canada, but for the reason that moccasins and mukluks originated right here in North America. So it only makes sense that the moccasins and mukluks you purchase are from it’s origins rather than a foreign country.

Mukluks store Canada USA Today Merry Christmas
Sheepskin and things wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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