Brown Mini Mukluks Indian braid

Rock your Mini Mukluks today!

Yes ! It’s that time of year again where your start digging through last years chest full of fall shoes, boots, jackets and sweaters. However some of you may be looking for your Mukluks ! What! You can’t find them? Your dog ate one of the rabbit fur poms? Your cat used them as a scratching post! Time to call in the mukluk police! Well maybe not. We suggest you view our entire collection of Canadian made mukluks! It gives you a good reason to buy a new pair of mukluks! You will find an assortment of Canadian Made mukluks and Native made, designed, and crafted moccasins. While you are looking you have to check out our mini mukluks. They are certainly walking of the shelves here this season. Pun intended! We have a line up up three colours and two styles to choose from! These mini mukluks come in Black, Grey, and Chocolate. Each colour has two styles one consisting of a braid trim at 8″ inches high and the other mini mukluks at 4″ with out the trim! Have a look below! It’s time to rock your mini mukluks! Which one will you choose? Click on the Photos below to take you to the mini mukluks page for full details or to order. Prices starts at $149.99 CAD Approx $112.00 USD Includes free shipping within Canada and United States. All other countries shipping starts at $34.99 CAD

Brown Mini MukluksGray Mini Mukluks with indian braidBlack mini mukluks with Indian BraidBlack mini mukluksGrey Mini mukluksChocolate mini mukluks



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