Rabbit fur Moccasins

This is the season where our rabbit fur moccasins and fur mukluks fly out the window, like Santa’s reindeer on Christmas eve! Did you know that Sheepskin and Things only sells Canadian made fur moccasins and mukluks? Did you know that Sheepskin and Things is the only retailer to carry only Canadian madeĀ  moccasins? Did […]

Sheepskin and Things moccasins keeps comfort on your feet

Bringing you closer to comfort has never been far away! Consider a pair of Canadian made mukluks or moccasins to keep your feet warm during the cold winter months. We have over 200 hundred moccasins to choose from. Including Short, tall and mid mukluks. Unlined and lined moccasins. Sheepskin, cowhide, or moosehide moccasins. The options […]

Mukluks, moccasins, slippers, & fur boots.

Mukluks, moccasins, slippers, fur hats & boots, made in Canada are sure to please everyone this Christmas. Are you shopping for the perfect gift? Each year thousands of Christmas shoppers as yourself are searching for the perfect gift. This season why not compliment that perfect gift with a pair moccasins, mukluks, slippers or even a […]