Rabbit Fur Moccasins For Her

We pride ourselves in providing Canadians and the world with only the best in Canadian made fur moccasins and fur slippers. Our fur moccasins and fur slippers are made with select soft suedes and luxurious leather. Enjoy our fur moccasins and fur slippers in the comfort of your home! Our moccasins and slippers are hand […]

Introducing the world to Canadian Comfort – Canadian made moccasins

Canadian made Moccasins are highly sought after worldwide. You will be satisfied from the moment you put them on your feet. Traditional Native American clothing varied widely from tribe to tribe, but one nearly universal element was the moccasin, a sturdy slipper-shaped type of shoe, sewn from tanned leather. The word “moccasin” comes from an […]

Canadian Made Papoose Moccasins for Women

Are you searching for a different style of moccasin. How about a quality Canadian moccasin with traditional bead pattern and design. We have several moccasins for women that would satisfy your needs. Here is our papoose collection. Made in Canada, the Papoose is an original Native style with sole. This moccasin is beautifully hand beaded and […]

Tecumseh Canada Moccasins

Tecumseh Canada Moccasins are made in Canada with High quality Canadian select leather and soft suede. Each moccasin is delicately hand sewn with the upmost attention to detail. Style and tradition are blended together to create a timeless piece of footwear that will last for years when properly worn and maintained.  View our collection of […]

Five new design available for Spirit Moccasins!

Five new Life Crest Designs available for Spirit Moccasins! Enjoy five new Life Crest Designs by Bill Helin . The new Spirit Moccasins designs will be added over the next couple of months. Spirit Moccasins represent the Northwest Coast culture, the customs, beliefs, and the history that was passed down orally through the stories, songs, […]

Win a pair of moccasins from Sheepskin and Things !

Visit our Facebook page to have a chance to win a pair of rabbit fur moccasins from Sheepskin and Things! You can visit our Facebook page by clicking on this link https://www.facebook.com/sheepskinandthings You will find the post pinned in the first spot of our Facebook page. Check back regularly as we will be posting our Great Mukluk […]

Give the Gift of Rabbit Fur Moccasins and Fur Slippers This Christmas!

This Christmas give the gift of moccasins and slippers for men, women, and children from Sheepskin and Things . We have been providing Canadians and the entire world with only the best in Canadian made fur moccasins and fur slippers. Our fur moccasins and fur slippers are made with select soft suedes and luxurious leather. […]

Rabbit fur Moccasins

This is the season where our rabbit fur moccasins and fur mukluks fly out the window, like Santa’s reindeer on Christmas eve! Did you know that Sheepskin and Things only sells Canadian made fur moccasins and mukluks? Did you know that Sheepskin and Things is the only retailer to carry only Canadian made  moccasins? Did […]

Rock your Mini Mukluks today!

Yes ! It’s that time of year again where your start digging through last years chest full of fall shoes, boots, jackets and sweaters. However some of you may be looking for your Mukluks ! What! You can’t find them? Your dog ate one of the rabbit fur poms? Your cat used them as a […]

NEW Mohican Womens Moccasin Boots Tobacco Colour

We’ve just added another Mohican moccasin boot in a different colour! This time in Tobacco suede! This women’s Mohican Moccasin Boots in tobacco suede are a fresh design and are a hot topic among college and university syudents. The soft tobacco suede combined with the decorative Navajo tapestry add a new dimension in moccasin boots […]