Five new design available for Spirit Moccasins!

Five new Life Crest Designs available for Spirit Moccasins! Enjoy five new Life Crest Designs by Bill Helin . The new Spirit Moccasins designs will be added over the next couple of months. Spirit Moccasins represent the Northwest Coast culture, the customs, beliefs, and the history that was passed down orally through the stories, songs, […]

Rabbit fur Moccasins

This is the season where our rabbit fur moccasins and fur mukluks fly out the window, like Santa’s reindeer on Christmas eve! Did you know that Sheepskin and Things only sells Canadian made fur moccasins and mukluks? Did you know that Sheepskin and Things is the only retailer to carry only Canadian made¬† moccasins? Did […]

Rock your Mini Mukluks today!

Yes ! It’s that time of year again where your start digging through last years chest full of fall shoes, boots, jackets and sweaters. However some of you may be looking for your Mukluks ! What! You can’t find them? Your dog ate one of the rabbit fur poms? Your cat used them as a […]

Womens Navy Blue Mohican Moccasin Boots

Women’s Navy Blue Mohican Moccasin Boots We’ve just added another Mohican moccasin boot and this time in Navy Blue! The women’s Mohican Moccasin Boots in navy blue suede are a fresh design and are a hot topic. The soft navy blue suede combined with the decorative tapestry add a new dimension in moccasin boots fashion. […]

SkyStone Moccasins Collection

Welcome to a new Chapter at Sheepskin and Things and welcome to our May, 2016 post.¬† We are excited to announce a new category under our women’s moccasin category called ‘The SkyStone Collection’ The SkyStone moccasin collection was inspired by the Native American Indian Legend. Legend has it that the Native American Indians danced and […]

Sheepskin and Things moccasins keeps comfort on your feet

Bringing you closer to comfort has never been far away! Consider a pair of Canadian made mukluks or moccasins to keep your feet warm during the cold winter months. We have over 200 hundred moccasins to choose from. Including Short, tall and mid mukluks. Unlined and lined moccasins. Sheepskin, cowhide, or moosehide moccasins. The options […]

Happy Thanksgiving with a Moccasin twist!

Welcome to Fall 2015! We hope your getting ready to Rock your Turkey this Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends! We know we are ! But let’s not forget about ourselves either! So how about a pair of moccasins or mukluks this season to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable! While you gather […]

Welcome to our new and improved moccasin blog!

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